Search for specific words and phrases mentioned on YouTube

WordHunt is website that helps you find where YouTubers say certain words

Its pretty niche, but if it fits with your workflow then this is awesome. Now if only you could do this with visuals :)
@evankimbrell can you explain more about doing this with visuals? you mean "find me a yellow bird", and then it shows you where on youtube there is a yellow bird? that would be sick!
@evexoio yeah, exactly. The visual rec tech is getting there, but maybe not for a couple years
You can see the story behind WordHunt here https://medium.com/@evexoio/i-le...,
Awesome work! I've been looking for something like this for a long time! Thanks!
@jarodise Welcome!
I really like the idea of this, but it seems rather limited/curated on what users are being included so it doesn't give you an accurate depiction of what videos show up. Needless to say, I've already broken the search function with a phrase I know is used often(bullet journal) and then other phrases I've would have looked up only bring curated users(DIY and crafts). Very fine niche, you may want to include what youtubers are being pulled for this so people don't believe it's the whole youtube library.
@tezzica thats right, its just a list of youtubers being curated, the way you add to this list is kind of a hack now, but if you go to the premium page, and search some words from the channel you want to add, then future results will contain matches from the channel you searched in the premium page.
@evexoio Awesome, is there anyway to see who is already on the list?
@tezzica I don't have this feature covered, but here's the list anyway https://pastebin.com/raw/MDV09DHC
Not sure how it works. Is it reading the video captions? (meta) or is it actually analyzing each video looking for those words? Either way, looks like a really neat project.
@tostartafire its reading the video captions :)