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Josh Barkin
Josh BarkinMaker@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis.ai
Look forward to feedback!
Josh Barkin
Josh BarkinMaker@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis.ai
Thanks for the hunt Ben. We started working on a Messenger bot, but our biggest fear was that it would fail at conversation a lot and we wouldn't know what to optimize, or how to prioritize. We became obsessed with that problem and built Wordhop instead. Wordhop is an AI-powered analyst that monitors your bots across messaging platforms, alerts you when it finds problems, and shares insights so you can make better data-driven decisions for your bots. We would love your feedback! We have lots of ideas on how to build this out, plugging into the platforms and services you're already using to build your bots.
Federico Nitidi
Federico Nitidi@federico_nitidi
Not yet tried this but the concept seems spot on! There's a great need of tools such wordhop to make the bot ecosystem more robust. Out of curiosity, is wordhop connected to the bot webhook so it can hear the conversations?
Michael Nathanson
Michael NathansonMaker@mnatha · Co-Founder, Wordhop
@federico_nitidi Thanks so much, Federico. To answer your question, Wordhop does not connect directly to the webhook - your bot is solely responsible for that. When your bot receives a messages via a webhook, it then calls to the Wordhop api.
Marcos Cerqueira
Marcos Cerqueira@marcos_cerqueira · Founder @vivapets.com
Neat concept, any plans to extend to other platforms other than Slack?
Antonin Archer
Antonin Archer@nicknem92
@marcos_cerqueira Messenger would be neat.
Josh Barkin
Josh BarkinMaker@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis.ai
@nicknem92 @marcos_cerqueira Thanks! We already support developers building Messenger bots. We built the Wordhop UX in Slack because it helps you not only optimize your bots, but your workflow. Plus, Wordhop does a show and tell and you can talk about the data together with your team and make decisions together.
Many developers talked about that problem but it seemed a very tough nut to crack. Congratulations on the launch! Do you have any examples to share on mistakes caught?
Josh Barkin
Josh BarkinMaker@joshbarkin · Co-founder @ Janis.ai
@mvaragnat Thanks!. The way we look at failure/mistakes is by analyzing a a number of factors and then rolling that up into simple visual indicator (emojis).