Save and practise relevant words to learn languages

Thanks for hunting us @mijustin, exciting to be here! We started working on Wordeys this summer (on a cool hackweekend at a farm 🙌 ), after we felt like there was a gap between learning the basics of languages and mastering languages. On top of that, when using existing language learning apps we always feel some sort of annoyance; it’s really helpful at first, but then it gets boring, time consuming and irrelevant. That’s why we made a tool that lets people save relevant words, grammar and vocabulary into lists, which can be practised (like flashcards, but with soft spell checks). This enables people to only spend time and effort on the stuff they need. By focusing on a minimal, clear UI and integrating Google Translate we make it possible to build these lists really quick. We would love to hear what the ProductHunt community thinks about Wordeys!
@fishsander @piersteinn you both seem really passionate about language learning! Where does that passion come from?
@mijustin @fishsander Hey Justin, thanks for your question and of course for joining us in our live feed. :) As two Dutchies, for us it's mostly the doors that languages open. These are the human connections it enables us to make with people from different countries, and the access to the knowledge and communities (such as PH)on the English side of the Internet. For the very beginning of this whole Wordeys journey, please read our blogpost here. Thanks again! https://medium.com/wordeys/from-...
Great work team! Love to see where this is going.
@koenwijbrands Thanks for the support Koen!
We decided to live stream our excitement during the launch!
@fishsander I actually love this human touch. Feels like I'm way more connected to you as makers with this video.
@mijustin It's great! Really nice to talk about it at such an exciting time.
Looks great. Very enthusiastic about the product. Started using it today and it definitely helps me in my attempt to learn Spanish. Also very curious about the future of Wordeys . Keep up the good work !
@jorisderuiter Thanks a lot Joris. We'd be happy to chat about how we can support you towards your goal of learning Spanish if you're up for that.