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Would love it for android please!
@miles_met Hello! I will do it, but some time later :) you will see it there :)
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Do you retain the information as well speed reading vs. normal reading, @natalya_bakatanova?
@rrhoover Hello, Ryan! First of all, I started at speed of 250 and it's clear to understand all of information If you will up speed when you only think that for now it's all clear - you will get all of the information (but do not read technical literature at all) So now, for me it's always clear
Pedro Wunderlich
Build everything. Stay healthy!
@natalya_bakatanova @rrhoover I'm big into speed reading, however, speed reading (or reading in general) is always best to combine it with memory techniques. People's memory retention at normal reading speeds is already in the single digits. A good overview of how to do this can be found in the book Moonwalking with Einstein which I'm sure many of you have read, but an exercise as simple as stoping every 10 pages to recall what you just read is a good start.
Release it on Play Store as well :)
@vikas_yadav1 As I already said for Miller - some time later I will do it for Android too :)
Melanie CribbDigital Marketing, Geek-Lamour.com
@vikas_yadav1 @natalya_bakatanova I look forward to trying it when you release on android
I love books. Every day I try to read at least half a book. So I decided to create this application - First of all - it's easy to use. Secondly - my time is saved. I spend less time to read the same. So now, I've decided to share this application with everyone. It's free to use, up to 2500 words per minute for free. If you have any questions - I'd like to listen from you!
Andrew N. FerenciFounder of Comrad
Really interested in this one
@aferenci Hello! Thank you for your interest :)
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