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Hi ProductHunt! @jeffreystrain and I started WordCounter.net back in 2009. He wanted a really quick/easy way to count the number of words in his blog articles. WordCounter.net was born. At the time it was extremely basic, just telling you how many words and characters you typed. It had a very basic design, if you could even call it that. I don't think we promoted it at all. We literally just put it up and forgot about it. In 2010, we started noticing it was getting a little bit of traffic and steadily growing each month. Each year afterward we continued to see exponential growth until about 2014 we decided we could no longer ignore the site and decided to put up a decent design and add a lot of enhancements. WordCounter.net now calculates 18 different metrics such as words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, avg sentence length, reading level, syllables and many others. It also reports the keyword density, single words or multiple. You can spell check, use a thesaurus, set goals, auto-save and a whole lot more.
@natesanden @jeffreystrain I literally used this yesterday. Kudos!
@jessethanley @stevejacobs_ very cool :) thanks for the support!
I use this every time i'm writing (post, meta description, title). would be amazing if it was an add on for google docs. i get wordcounter is ad-driven but i'd bet a bunch of folks would pay for it to be within their google doc. thank you for making it!
@anatolyk11 Thanks for the comment! Love hearing about how people use the site. Will definitely consider a google doc plugin. Didn't even know those existed.
The amazing website has been my primary tool for checking word counts and measuring paragraph sizes. Not just for English, but Also Japanese and Arabic. Really easy to use and the user experience is great!
@mutaz_arif Thanks for the kind words and explaining what you use it for. We are so happy to have good support for languages other than English as well.
@natesanden Thanks for such a lovely product. I am creating tools for Developers/SEO professionals myself. There is similar tool that I created http://percepty.com/article_text... My site is still on-going efforts. Now, I am wondering how much I have to wait. :)
How is it different from the information that ,say, MS Word provides?
@rahul_ranjan1 The word count accuracy is at least as good if not better (not to brag but its true). We've compared it to Google Docs and MS Word. Also those word processing tools do not have MOST of the details WordCounter.net offers. Nor do they offer keyword density analysis. I should mention though, if you want to do formatting like bold/italics and headings, WordCounter.net is not the right tool. Word and Google docs already do a great job of that :)