Generate attractive wordcloud previews from any webpage.

Simple API to create attractive wordcloud images from any text or webpage.
Great for generating unique social media previews and stylish summary images!
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Hey PH peeps! 👋 Today, we're excited to be launching WordCloud, an API that allows you to easily generate stylish preview images from any webpage or text. The API couldn't be simpler to try out -- we offer a rate-limited free tier, so just try the live demo or paste an example curl commands into your favorite shell to get started. 🤔 What's WordCloud? • Give it a URL and any FontAwesome icon and it'll generate a beautiful preview image for you! • Really useful for generating unique social media images. • Really fun to play around with on your favorite articles! • Hosted by Saasify 💪 What makes us different? • Cost effective - Building off of serverless functions means you'll only pay for the API calls you use. • Get going fast - Try out the REST API for FREE and then sign up with your GitHub account and Stripe. • Fund OSS authors - The majority of API revenue is set aside for the original open source authors! • Open Source ⚡ At Saasify, we make it really easy to offer monetized APIs on top of amazing open source projects like stylecloud and wordcloud. We automatically set aside the majority of any revenue this API makes to go back to the original open source authors! If you're one of these authors and we haven't already reached out to you, please get in touch. @chrisvxd and I are happy to answer any questions you may have 😀 We hope you love it and can't wait for your feedback! Thanks! Travis
This product looks dope. I have so many different ideas on how I am going to use this.