Import blog posts from Google Docs to WordPress in one click

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Hey Everyone. Co-Founder of Postable here. Some background on the product: We came up with the idea after accepting a guest post on our site http://www.growandconvert.com that took us hours to export images from Google Docs and bring them into Wordpress. We thought to ourselves "there's got to be a better way to do this" but when we searched, there wasn't. We were talking this problem over with Matt and he ended up building an early version of this. Really excited to launch this product. We also have a deal going on over at Appsumo it's $39 for lifetime access. Here's the link to the deal: http://www.appsumo.com/postable/ Happy to answer any questions
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@benjihyam love this. #solvingproblemsforyourself
@benjihyam Thx for making this! Struggled with this and searched around for better solutions for HOURS last year. Tried everything. Writing huge posts in WP slows down the editor, export to HTML from GDocs never worked, copy and paste screws up formatting, etc. Eventually, the "best" way I found was to run a script in GDocs to export to Markdown, then convert Markdown to HTML, and that still left work to do - insane. Made a note about this thinking I can't be the only one, I sure was right - thanks for making this!! Just got the Appsumo deal :)
We use this at Mention - love it!
If you've ever hit "Save Draft" or "Publish in WordPress after cranking out an epic post only to have it freeze, crash or otherwise freak out, losing your awesomeness in the process, Postable is for you. I like how Postable eliminates the fear of lost work and replaces it with peace of mind, while improving collaboration in the process. Definitely a must for content teams and creators of all types.
@morganb thanks Morgan, appreciate the kind words. That's why we created it. There's nothing worse than finishing a long blog post, only to have to spend more time formatting it in WP( or to lose a draft). The goal is to help as many content creators and teams as possible. More features coming soon
Makes life easier. That's really all one can want.
@sol_orwell In general, this is good life advice...
This is seriously awesome!! Simple, elegant and very useful solution
@yanivgoldenberg Thank you for becoming a customer. We're glad you enjoy it so far!