Word Webs

Interactive brainstroming made fun

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 22, 2020
Make brainstorming fun with Word Webs, a free brainstorming tool with an interactive twist! Each word you choose generates related words, allowing you to create exciting and unique ideas. Quickly save words that inspire you and jot down notes along the way.
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Hey, I'm the creator of Word Webs. This app originally started as a small tool to help me generate ideas as a creator, but in my free time I turned it into something I think everyone can use. Word Webs is completely 💰FREE💰 for the user. 1. No accounts. 2. No annoying ads. 3. Only data collected is anonymous google analytics (to track number of users). I really hope it can be useful to you all! If you have any problems or questions let me know.
@anthilemoon @round i think you'd like this 😻
@amrith Oh this looks fun! @visakanveerasamy would like that too
Really interesting product, I like the design, the interaction with the graph elements and I think the way related concepts pop up helps with brainstorming. What other use cases do you think other uses could use the product for?
@felipe_otalora Hey Felipe, thanks for taking interest. One of the big reasons I made the software was to help think of ideas for creative designs at our design agency. I can also imagine this being useful to writters and other creatives.
It's awesome loved it! The design of the nodes and their animation and the way they interact with each other are flawless and quite addictive. I can think of so many uses for this awesome tool. Thanks for making it free so generous of you! Cheers!
@ziad_tannous You're very welcome Ziad! I'm hopefully people can put it to good use.
Fun graph application :D Did you use a graph db under the hood?
@karim_t Actually a bit more grunt work haha. I used a popular English dictionary to collect all the words, and used them as keys with the values being generated by an API, all stored in a Firebase Database. Ended up being very easy and quick to query, with relatively small DB size.