This is implementation of Tetris Game but using words. arrange letters and make english language words, once you have valid word, click on letter to score points.

Game play video ==>

This is a PWA. Play and Have fun.

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The correct words must disappear automatically, no?
@graciousgarg Yesh i plan to implement that. But as of now you have to click on letters and destroy.

I scored a 2680 after playing for a bit. It's a neat little game although I hadn't figured out that words don't automatically disappear when they spelt something, so thought it was broken. I guess that's why the pause is there too.


Pausing is helpful


There aren't many vowels

Hi, Thank you for playing. appreciate your feedback I will try to make this better.

It's really weird I need to click on the word in order to destroy it.


Nice idea


Bad implementation

Please make an Android app with Google Play Games sync 🙏
Hey @abvishek, This is really hard! Do you have an easier version? What made you want to build this?
@jacqvon Hi thanks for the feedback. I don't have easier version as of now. But thats nice idea i will implement it in future-:). I love making/playing games, so whenever i get spare time i try to make something, most of the time they are trash. I feel this is ok, so I thought i should share it.