Word Is Born

A unique playlist inspired by your kid's name and birthday

This is a playlist for all things Ben! (not actually my taste - would be awesome to select a genre here too!) http://wordisborn.fatherly.com/p...
@bentossell Thanks Ben. Adding a genre filter is definitely the top priority for v. 1.1. We're currently pulling in lyrics data from Musixmatch and the challenge we'll need to solve for -- not insurmountable -- is normalizing their genre classifications with what we find in Spotify.
@mjrawth awesome! Its a cool idea :) Could be a cool thing as a 'gift' for friends
@bentossell it's also a great way to troll/celebrate the secret musical inspiration behind a friend's name (FWIW, my niece, Eden, has a sick playlist: http://wordisborn.fatherly.com/p...).
Fatherly (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) and Spotify teamed up to create a really neat product, focused on a customized playlist based on your child's name and birthday. Although I'm not a kid anymore (sometimes I wish I was), the profile was actually pretty accurate for my own tastes if I was born on 10/25/06 (my actual birthdate but not year) - "Bang my Head" and "Titanium" from David Guetta, "Misery" by Maroon 5 and "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry. @mjrawth, how did this come about?
@daveambrose don't be coy, Dave, you can share your actual birthday with the rest of the class! Spotify has been a great partner of ours and we wanted to expand on the idea that artists/songs/lyrics are often the inspiration for the name/nickname you give your kid. We were able to work with the Spotify API team as well as the team at Musixmatch (who by our lights have the largest library of music lyrics on the web) to make this 1.0 version happen.
Expected to see Gigi D'Agostino, the musical and possibly the HK artist Gigi Leung in the playlist. Did not disappoint 😀
I love Fatherly and Spotify but the playlist returned is far from kid safe, and not one I would want to listen to thinking of my daughter.
@simplyand thanks Chris that's definitely a known issue. We'll look to make filtering for explicit lyrics part of the next build. The fast fix for this iteration was to communicate that this is the best algorithmic guess and to allow users to customize the playlist accordingly once they saved to Spotify (and before they shared with their daughter, should some less kid-friendly Weezy make the cut).
@mjrawth thanks Michael for the reply. Still a crazy cool concept!
Unfortunately my name (Shirley) comes up with a lot of really old music that I'm not really into. Still really interesting though! (It also makes me wish I had a more modern name D: )
@mirativity Will convey to T. Pain that he needs to work Shirley into his next mixtape.