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Oooo interesting!! I remember when @bronsontaylor first launched the Growth Geeks platform - which is now split into 3 verticals, design, marketers and this one - writers! @bronsontaylor If I remember rightly you announced growth geeks on a big video call and lucky people like me got to be the first people on the platform!! That was years ago :) and I'd heard from it from Growth Hackers TV (I think) Tell us the story of what happened since that launch to what has driven the specific verticals and what has made you focus on writing specifically here?
@bentossell @bronsontaylor ha, that's awesome! Yep you are correct, that is how we started letting people in very early on (in a public, not very public way). Story: After the early launch and initial traction, we ended up going through Techstars Chicago and completing a round of financing. We've been incrementally improving the product, quality, and growing the team in 2016 - which includes the rollouts of new marketplaces. If you trust us for marketing, then we want you to trust us with your design and content. @bentossell - we aren't done. We have more marketplaces to be released + a product we are very excited about that I doubt anyone could predict :)
This seems to be fairly overpriced. $179 for a monthly LinkedIn article of 1000 words? I could find a great, overpriced writer on Upwork and pay $50 an hour and it'd be cheaper. What makes this worth the price?
@ninjinka Sure you may be able to find someone cheaper. We are certainly priced competitively however. Not everyone likes the Upwork experience of searching, interviewing, negotiating, and managing a writer. We simplify the buying experience and add a money back guarantee.
@mike_hardenbrook @ninjinka I can attest to this as a Growth Geeks customer and ex-Upwork user that quality is the biggest tradeoff. With oDesk the process is this: 1. Post a job 2. Sort candidates by job experience / ratings 3. Interview multiple candidates over the phone 4. Hire someone I've had a number of hits and misses on oDesk (50/50). So maybe it costs $100 on oDesk, but 50% of the time it doesn't fit the bill and you've wasted time and end up paying the same price as Growth Geeks. With Growth Geeks the process is safer and simpler. You can shop for what you want, look at their past work and buy confidently (since they offer a money back guarantee). Ultimately Mike, Bronson and team are the experts in growth. You're paying for their curation, knowledge, and track record.
So how can I buy? Can't find a button...
@llumiaho - On the product pages (right hand side) Example: https://www.wordgeeks.co/service...
@mike_hardenbrook oh, on mobile the picture of the service is the link to subscription page. You could add a button there to make it more obvious.
@llumiaho It's a sticky button on mobile