Word Forward

A head-scratching word puzzle game

Use all of the letters in the 5x5 grid to make words disappear! Word Forward isn’t about spelling the longest words or the most clever - it’s about carefully using every tile to declare victory in 500 puzzles. Word Forward is a word puzzle game of cunning and strategy.
  • Brent Morris
    Brent MorrisPodcaster. Hobbyist gamedev. UX Design.

    Simple and satisfying gameplay. Very challenging.


    Very challenging.

    I've been playing this for several months since the beta version. I find myself opening it a few times a week and playing for a long time. Good game to play with a friend, competing for the longest word or highest level reached.

    Brent Morris has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to play, stylish and challenging


    More levels please!

    Really hooked on this game right now! Been looking for a great word game recently and WF hit the spot!

    Alex Golebiowski ☕️ has used this product for one day.
I'm one half of the studio responsible for Word Forward. The game originally launched in 2014 for iOS, but has been completely rebuilt from the ground-up for multiple platforms using Unity. Ask us anything!
LOVE IT!!! More please!!
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Great game. Well with the investment. Been enjoying it since I downloaded it. Far more challenging then your average word game because you need to think strategically.