The days top stories in a conversational format

Hey everyone, I created woozle.news because finding the time to stay updated on the latest news can be hard, especially if you want that news to be as unbiased as possible. Woozle.news is trying to tackle these problems by turning the news into a conversation, and making it more enjoyable to stay informed. If you're wondering what the heck a Woozle is, I wrote an article about it. https://medium.com/@davidciaffon... I'm here to ask all your questions! Ask away! :)
Great Product!! Such a cool idea!
@juanpablofernandez Thanks Juan Pablo! Really appreciate your feedback.
@hussein_shtia Thanks Hussein! What do you like about it?
@davidkc the way that works
This is really really cool :0
@tayler2412 Thanks! Im glad you like it Tayler! You have an amazing website btw