Wooting One

Analog mechanical keyboard for precise movement in games

The linear click is cool. The key-by-key customization (and thus ability to clean) is rad.
Cool! Love the GIF demo :)
This is pretty cool. The analogue keypress is a neat idea - it'll be interesting to see how well-supported it is by games. Being able to apply macros on the keys based on key pressing is pretty rad too. One of the things I keep hoping for is for someone to make a better non-gamer keyboard. Like where's the better keyboard for people that just write a lot? I'm sure there must be one out there, and if not, I think I know what my next Kickstarter will be
@rossdcurrie Have you looked into mechanical keyboard at all? Boards with Cherry MX Brown switches or Cherry MX Blues tend to be popular with people that write a lot. Keyboards with Topre switches tend to be more expensive, but offer a softer/smoother typing experience. If you're looking for ergonomics, there are a number of options including Kenisis, Matias, and TruelyErgonomic. And if you're willing to get your hands dirty, there are countless custom kits you can assemble it have assembled for you such as the ErgoDox, Planck, and WhiteFox. TLDR there's a world of keyboards awaiting you 😆
@dotproto Thanks for that! My local PC stores really only carry gaming mechanicals, so while I've tried one I wasn't overly happy with the experience - honestly I've gone back to typing with one of the generic Microsoft black keyboards, which is surprisingly smooth. Previous searches for better keyboards have really only yielded ergonomic-type keyboards, or gaming mechanicals. So with the ergonomics like Kinisis and TrulyErgonomic, they've got the keys all moved around. As a fast, non-touch-typist, this really messes up the way I type. I want a straight keyboard that's built for typing. One could argue I should re-learn touch-typing, but if I need to do that I might as well swap to a Dvorak :D The Matias looks great though - particularly the tactilepro with the numpad. I'll have to make that my next keyboard purchase!