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Wooster is a powerful, modern CRM for startups and entrepreneurs. It takes the pain out of your daily sales process by telling you which of your leads to reach out to and when. Store contacts, manage your pipeline, place calls, log emails and notes, accept payments, and more.

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Hi PH’ers! Dan here, founder of Wooster. I’m really excited to introduce the first version of Wooster! We built this tool for anyone who has ever logged into Salesforce and angrily cursed under their breath. After eight years of using Salesforce and doing exactly that everyday, I decided to make the sort of CRM I (and countless fellow salespeeps I encountered over the years) would want to use. It is designed specifically for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to manage their leads and organize their daily sales activities in an easy, efficient, and visual way. I’ve always wanted my CRM to just tell me who to reach out to everyday, rather than spending the whole morning hunting through endless contact lists looking for someone to call or email. That’s exactly what Wooster does. Fire it up in the morning, and it will have a list ready for you of accounts and deals to follow up on, based on last activity and your preferences. In addition to offering a much simplified sales workflow, we packed Wooster full of features designed to make your sales process easier and more tightly integrated. You can place calls from your browser, automatically log your Gmail messages, accept credit card payments, and drag and drop accounts and deals across your pipeline, among many other things. Give it a try and let us know if you have any suggestions, issues, or thoughts to share! We’re looking forward to your feedback so we can make Wooster as useful as possible. Thank you! Dan
@danielcmeek Interesting. I have used Hubspot CRM a little and experienced some under-the-breath-cursing myself. The features are there, but often convoluted / bloated / hard-to-find, which leads to lower productivity. As @dclay said, its a crowded space but I think there is an opportunity for a clean and focused alternative to the bloated solutions out there.
@dclay @mthacks Hey Mark - appreciate it - this is v1 so any feedback/advice as we continue to build feel free to send over! Hoping to find the Goldilocks - not too small/not too big!
Hey, Well done. * The marketing site looks great. * Take the blog link off until you have a blog post. * $50/mo fairly high price point to start. CRM is crowded but keep at it. Get more customers every month.
@dclay Hey Clay, awesome advice! Making some of the changes now!
@danielcmeek well played. Focusing on the job to be done. Mobile click takes me to login page though, then having to navigate back to home.
@imsmith Thanks Mark! Trying to fix now!
Looks like what I'm looking for. Is the phone number field in account creation only accepting +1 numbers? I need another country code. Same for the address, US only...
@p45c4l Hey Pascal send me an email at: dan@wooster.io and I'll get it updated for you.
This first version is great quality... One thing I really love is the daily email summaries of activity (or non-activity). @mr_davis you might be interested in this.. Wooster is a slick new CRM for managing sales workflow.