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Sashi TanukuMaker@tanuku_ · co-founder, woosah
Hey Everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check woosah out! We got the idea for woosah after watching the movie, sorry beautiful film - Spring Breakers. We kept quoting James Franco's character, Alien and wanted to be able to send audio and video clips over text. When we realized we couldn’t find anything that did this easily, we decided to build it! In honor of the movie, we found it only appropriate to launch woosah in Spring! There’s a lot of cool features we designed for you to discover. Here’s a demo cutting and pitching up Donald Trump’s loser rant.
. And here’s our spazz effect:
Happy to answer any questions, let us know what you think in the comments! appstore.com/woosah Here’s our user names in woosah - send us some clips! Sashi is @sesh & Kirtan is @kirtan
Sachin AgarwalMaker@sachinag · Principal PM, LaunchDarkly
This is your next completely fun app. You send fun YouTube clips, songs (any recording, really), or GIFs to your friends, and you can edit them so that they're hilarious. You can also post those clips to Twitter and Facebook. It's like a memegen for video and music.
Sashi TanukuMaker@tanuku_ · co-founder, woosah
@sachinag thanks sachin. I hope you got my clip of dj khaled telling you you're a genius!
Sashi TanukuMaker@tanuku_ · co-founder, woosah
Hi Everyone - we just released a new update! woosah now let’s you record, edit & share your own videos! DL now! http://appstore.com/woosah
Carter De Angelis@carterdea · VP of Product, Spinlister
Great job on the app! It's really fun. It's like Snapchat for video + audio clips. @tanuku_, where did you guys think of the idea? And where do you see this concept going? Do you envision yourselves creating an Woosah app on the Facebook Messenger platform or something like that? Congrats on shipping! Good luck!
Sashi TanukuMaker@tanuku_ · co-founder, woosah
@carterdea Thanks for the comment and for checking out woosah! -We got the idea from always quoting movies and song lyrics and wanted to be able share those snippets our phones. With that in mind, we'd like to get to a point where you can find the exact clip/content you are thinking or talking about to be able to share that piece as easily as sending a gif or an emoji. -We'd also like to get deeper into mixing content together or with content you've made and adding more video/audio FX. -You can currently tweet or post your clips to facebook from within woosah. And we are looking into fb messenger integration as well.