Event tracking, funnels and cohort analysis in real time

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Woopra went through a big relaunch recently and their new cloud based real time analytics blew me away. Love the on the fly cohorts, very valuable, it's given us a lot of helpful insights so far.
@jasondainter are you still using the service? I'd love to hear your feedback 1 year in.
I remember using Woopra briefly as a background application that tracked app usage. It's a much different product today.
Yeah I remember that too @rrhoover! I know back in those days I got so excited about the fact you could 'see' visitors in real time I'd sit there for hours watching people, but then after a while you couldn't really make decisions on one or two people and needed some kind of historic data also. I really love that about their new product how you get historic funnels on the fly, but can also delve into those users live. At Eco Market we've got an alert set up in woorpa that sounds an alarm whenever someone starts to checkout, then we can watch each checkout live and using Olark (which we also use) we can even proactively contact them to ask them if they need help. Very insightful.
One of the most customisable and easy to use analytical tools.

Tired of Google Analytics's lack of granular data? Woopra provides the perfect counter-point. GA provides you with macro data while Woopra can integrate with your server to provide 100% clarity on your users.


Excellent product that gives you granular data on your users with startling clarity.


Integration without a developer is not necessarily the easiest thing. The Woopra customer service team helps greatly though!