Woondershop Jungle WooCommerce Theme

When your client tells you they want a store like Amazon.com

Woondershop is a WooCommerce theme for e-commerce professionals. At the moment, it comes with two skins, Default and Jungle - the latter being inspired by amazon.com.

Every freelancer has stumbled upon a client who wants to build the next Amazon, so we've made it easy for you. Woondershop ships with many conversion optimization tricks build-in.

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Hey PH, I’m Primoz, one of the creators of the Woondershop theme. Here’s a quick story on how we came up with the idea of WooCommerce theme inspired by amazon.com. With the team, we go twice a year to something we call a brainstorming retreat. The last one we had in March this year. Since WP themes market is on the decline, the goal was to find a new venture. For the whole first day, we were throwing ideas out of our minds, drawing, sketching on the flipchart, passionately defending our own thoughts and provoking others’. Imagine a gang of hipsters having a blast. Well, it is more tiresome than it sounds and in the evening we opened a couple of beers and decided to chill out. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but at some point the discussion was about our freelancing gigs before ProteusThemes and how ridiculous clients were sometimes with their ideas. What we all shared in common was that each of us remembered at least one occasion when a prospect approached him with a wish to have a website like amazon or ebay. And as you can guess, that’s when I had that eye-opening moment: “that’s what we should do! A theme that makes it super easy to create a website like Amazon with WordPress!” I needed numbers to convince others that it’s a good idea. So I posted this straight away to reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/freelan.... By the morning (when we woke up with some hangover) it got 67 upvotes, 50+ comments and 1st place in /r/freelancer. That was enough to convince the team to decide we’ll go after it. 3.5 months later, I’m happy to show you what we’ve done. Play around with the theme, test it out in a free trial (https://www.proteusthemes.com/re...) and I’d love to hear your opinions and feedback. Be direct and ruthless the way only the Hunters are. That’s how we can improve it! P.S. - The Product Hunt community gets 20% off with the discount code: JUNGLEJUICE (valid for 1 week)
Damn. Now I wish amazon looked as sexy as this does! Definitely going to use this one, great job team PT!
@zanilic yeah I know, we're making Amazon look ugly... 😬 Thanks a lot for your comment! :)
Looks good to me! How does a vendor create a product? how about giving Woondershop a frontend editor like this? https://streamable.com/4ab6x