A post-apocalyptic adventure that will make you think

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Wool by Hugh Howey is a fantastic summer read that you'll tear through in no time. It's a post-apocalyptic adventure with far more depth and craft than the Hunger Games. It won't just send shivers down your spine, it will make you think. @hughhowey is also lined up for a Product Hunt Books AMA: http://www.producthunt.com/books...
I loved Wool. Definite page-turner that you'll have trouble putting down. You'll have to go to the sequels (Shift and Dust) to get all the answers that Wool raises, but Wool is the best of the three.
This is the book that they hold up as the epitome of digital publishing success time and again. I've never actually discussed it as a book as much as a machine for making money--I'm glad to hear it's an awesome novel.
@kikischirr Hugh is definitely the wunderkind of self-publishing but his success is due to the wild virality of this story, not growth hacking or any other kind of promotional engineering. Wool is a fun tale that definitely struck a chord in the zeitgeist.