Snap a picture, ask a question and let the world decide.



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GRANT☁️Hunter@grantmac_ · neu.studio
Looks like a super interesting app in the social decision space. The idea reminds me of a love child of Quora and Snapchat.
Philip Kushmaro@philip_kushmaro · Digital Marketing Ambassador
@grantmac_ quora, snapchat and a little bit of tinder maybe?
Emmanuel Darmon@emmanueldarmon · Product Manager & UX/UI Designer
@philipkushmaro @grantmac_ Quora, Snapchat, Tinder... sorry, I'm lost.
Calum LeslieMaker@calumleslie · Founder & CEO
Thanks Grant! Really happy to answer any questions. Appreciate you posting and downloading the app. We are on a mission to make the world a little less indecisive...one step closer!
Hugo Alves@ugo_alves · Product Manager
@calumleslie wooju reminds me of @biz's Jelly. Was it an inspiration or the overlap was an accident?
Calum LeslieMaker@calumleslie · Founder & CEO
@ugo_alves the idea came about after I was the subject of a sorority "hot or not" experiment, so a slight accident there! It would be great if you checked out our pitch on Youtube (
) as it gives the complete background :)
Hugo Alves@ugo_alves · Product Manager
@calumleslie Got it! Thanks.
Christian Puricelli@cpuricelli · Founder, MyNews.is
It crashes at signup