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#5 Product of the DayDecember 07, 2016
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Hi PH, I’m really excited to share WoofJS with y’all! As a computer science teacher, I was struggling to find a graphics framework for my students. Because my students all loved MIT’s Scratch, I heavily leaned on it for inspiration. The result is an object-oriented graphic framework and IDE with built-in documentation, autocomplete, auto-run, and more! While it was created with 11-year-olds in mind, I hope WoofJS will be useful to anyone making graphical experiences. You can use it to make games, animations and art. One of our high school students made a version of Frogger: http://woofjs.com/create.html#Fr... And another made a fun dodging game with emojis: http://woofjs.com/create#poop-emoji We’re open source if you wanted to contribute :) https://github.com/stevekrouse/W...
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@stevekrouse Made with 11 year-olds in mind? Sounds like my kind of difficulty level!
Love your landing page !
Thanks @samuelroy_!!! Happy that you like it.
Love the intro: adding code and showing off what it does 👍 perfect timing I just finish reading and then the preview is ready and on to the next feature. Added it to my collection "Developers toolkit" 😎 https://www.producthunt.com/@doe...
Haha, we tried to time it well, I’m happy to hear that you appreciated it!!! Checking out Developers toolkit right now, thanks for the link @doefler
@stevekrouse the timing is perfect! You are welcome 👍🤗
Good stuff Stevie!