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Hey! Excited to be on PH today. Woodies started because small, medium and large don’t make sense like they used to. Getting the perfect shirt, made especially for you has never been easier and more accessible than now. With as little as your height, weight and average shirt size we can build an incredibly accurate 3D model of you, and extract all your measurements, in seconds! I'd love your questions or feedback -- I'll be around to chat. People like you really help guide the direction of our company. Happy to offer the Product Hunt community 15% off your order with the code "producthunt15"
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I own two Woodies shirts and they are by far my two favorite dress shirts. I don't dress up that often, but when I do I wear Woodies. Great product, cool founder.
@davidsven Thanks for the kind words! You rock the woodies well.
Anyone know how the fit on these shirts compares to MTailor?
@adamsigel yes - significantly better... ;) Jk, but the 3D rendering tech is pretty advanced and intuitive. After an order is submitted a tailor reviews everything ensuring everything looks correct. We guarantee the fit of our shirts as well. You should try it out! I'd be interested to hear your feedback!