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Jacob Matthew WoodMaker@vanhinpuu · Founder, Woodies Clothing
Hey! Excited to be on PH today. Getting perfect fitting clothes made especially for you has never been easier and more accessible than now. With as little as your height, weight and average shirt size we can build an incredibly accurate 3D model of you, and extract all your measurements, in seconds (no tape measure required)! I'd love your questions or feedback -- I'll be around to listen. Chatting with customers and visitors is incredibly important to me. People like you really help guide the direction of our company. Happy to offer the Product Hunt community 15% off your order on www.woodiesclo.com with the code "producthunt15" (valid through 10/18/16)
Levi Kovacs@kovlex · Building @mobiscroll
@vanhinpuu I like this a lot! I guess a challenge for you is to help non-consumers understand the value in getting custom fitted clothing. I am the type of guy who goes to the nearest H&M and buys 3 of each and goes with it, but having custom clothing made at such price is a whole different story. There is tremendous growth opportunity here. Pretty cool stuff. I can see this moving from pants and shirts to other types of clothing. PS. I went throguh your shopping experience on my phone and I think it works pretty well, except in a couple of places where you take the measurements could be improved. If you are interested in some customizable JS controls to improve the UX on those, hit me up and I'll be happy to show how we can help.
Jacob Matthew WoodMaker@vanhinpuu · Founder, Woodies Clothing
@kovlex thanks for the note! I'll DM you soon.
Jonathan Schwartz@jmschwartz11 · Co-founder, Voodoo Manufacturing
Love what you guys are doing! Trailblazing in terms of using cutting edge technology to make good looking and perfect fitting clothing!
Jacob Matthew WoodMaker@vanhinpuu · Founder, Woodies Clothing
Ben Quazzo@bquazz · Investment Team, Accel Partners
These incredible chinos can be summed up in three words. Ken Bone Approved
Jacob Matthew WoodMaker@vanhinpuu · Founder, Woodies Clothing
@bquazz Haha knew it was just a matter of time until Ken Bone got brought into the equation.
Jacqueline von TesmarHunterHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
I love Woodies clothing! I ordered a shirt for my husband and I've never seen a better fit. Complete quality. I'm excited to try the pants next. 💯🙌🏻👖
David Woodland@davidsven
I have a few Woodies shirts that are amaze-balls. Will definitely try out the chinos.