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Create AR experiences for your WooCommerce store

Easily showcase any WooCommerce product in AR with KIJO’s brand new WooCommerce AR plugin. With an easy installation & set-up process as well as 12 months customer support, you can assure your customers an immersive shopping experience. The plugin provides a simple file upload right where you edit your products and takes care of the configuration.

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Hi Hunters! We are really excited to be launching on Product Hunt today. We launched KIJO 4 years ago with the mission to help Build the Future. Here at KIJO we want to democratise new and emerging technologies so they can be utilised by as many users as possible. As part of this journey we have used the recent release of Apple’s AR Quick Look technology to create a WooCommerce AR Quick Look plugin that enables all WooCommerce users to see their products in Augmented Reality. The AR revolution has begun and is set to completely change the way we shop on-line, creating a truly immersive shopping experience that allows users to try before they buy. Placing items within a users own real World environment viewable through a mobile screen, items can be placed, re-sized and span in any direction they like. Our plugin is ready to download today with a 33% discount for all Product Hunt users using the discount code PH33. We hope you like what we have created and will be on Product Hunt responding to any questions throughout the day. Thanks for reading
@kirk_thomp Hi Kirk. Is it possible to enter the measurements (LxWxH) for a product on the backend of woocommerce & then have the AR item display at its actual size?
@kirk_thomp @ghundermark from what I see you upload the 3D model at the correct dimensions and then it recognises that this is the item at 100%, when you pinch to scale it gives you a percentage above the product, so you can downsize to 50% but it will always remember what the 100% scale is.
@kirk_thomp @ghundermark Hi Greg, thanks for your question, you dont't have to add the measurements to WooCommerce as you make the 3D model to scale so when it appears in AR it is the exact same size as your product. You can then as Mike said in his comment re-size with pinch and zoom to different % levels, however the original size is to scale without any resizing. I hope that answers your question.
Fantastic plugin, really great to see this feature available for WooCommerce users as apposed to Shopify's version

A great plugin and really nice to see a company pushing AR for the WordPress platform.


Integrates with my theme perfectly. Super easy to use and fits in seemlessly with WooCommerce's admin UI.


Nothing so far!

Looking forward to new updates.


Really well made plugin! It works perfectly. I would recommend this to everyone looking to implement AR.


None so far!

Interesting! Is there any way to save stuff you are interested in to go back and view again?
@aaronoleary Thanks for the question Aaron and we appreciate your interest in the product. What we have created is an integration between WooCommerce and Apple’s AR Quick Look technology so the AR feature set is dictated by Apple. Apple’s Quick Look technology allows you to share files in Mail, Messages, or any application that supports this type of Quick Look. The recipient can open it up and view the object without having to download an additional app.
@aaronoleary from my testing I can see that you can take photos of the products and save them to your camera roll! Really interesting feature. Works in browser on your phone without downloading any apps. So you can just favourite the page if you want to get back to the 3d experience.