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#2 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2014

WooCommerce is an open-source, fully customizable eCommerce platform built on WordPress - perfect for those who love to tinker, innovate and do-it-themselves.

Flexible, community-driven, modular and customizable - with hundreds of extensions and integrations available in the WooCommerce.com marketplace - WooCommerce is for open eCommerce.

Avishai Weiss
Devesh Rajarshi
  • Avishai Weiss
    Avishai WeissEntrepreneur & developer

    Free, lots of free plugins


    Extremely slow, too many buggy conflicting plugins, terrible UX

    Painful to use and extremely slow.

    Avishai Weiss has used this product for one year.
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Bryce Adams
Bryce AdamsMaker@bryceadams · Founder of Metorik
Hey! I work over at @woothemes on WooCommerce - if you have any questions feel free to shoot them at me or any of the other Woo people here and we'll do our best to answer :) 😊 We've got a coupon code for Product Hunters too! 'PRODUCTHUNT' 💜
Chi-Wai Li
Chi-Wai Li@chiwaili · UX and Web Developer
Just created my first Woocommerce store yesterday, so far so good!
Daren Fuchs
Daren FuchsHunter@darenfuchs · MD, Supernice
@mattyza is a maker at WooCommerce :)
Matty Cohen
Matty CohenMaker@mattyza · WooCommerce Engineering @ Automattic
Thanks for listing this, @darenfuchs. Hi, WooCommerce users! I'm Matty, head of product at Woo. If you have any WooCommerce questions, please let us know. :)
Michael Sitver
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
@mattyza I moved away from woothemes for speed reasons, and because your designs were dated at the time. Any new, fast magazine themes in the pipeline?
Jason Dea
Jason Dea@threadyblock · Builder of startup marketing machines
@mattyza We're an app developer with a couple apps on Shopify right now, looking to add Woo support, what's the best place to for info? Specifically on getting listed int eh Woothemes marketplace.
Matty Cohen
Matty CohenMaker@mattyza · WooCommerce Engineering @ Automattic
@threadyblock Hi Jason. The best would be to contact us via http://woothemes.com/develop-woo.... From there, we can explore your ideas further. :)
Jason Dea
Jason Dea@threadyblock · Builder of startup marketing machines
@mattyza Thanks Matty. Fill out the form. This is us http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
Adrian Phillips
Adrian Phillips@rustydingo · VP, Design
Just recently, after reviewing Squarespace, Shopify and a great many number of other commerce solutions, I ended up going with WooCommerce for my home goods business (http://few-bits.com). The first thing that drew me to WooCommerce was that it was WordPress plugin. This allowed me to choose my hosting provider and fit quite nicely in my development workflow. Since I wanted to use a custom design I ended up using their suggested method of copying their template files into you local theme directory when neededing to modify messaging and pages like the cart and checkout. It was a little daunting at first but once you got the hang of it making changes like ordering of text fields in the product pages is pretty easy. One thing to not is that WooCommerce is free until a point (which is pretty impressive considering how much you get for free). I ended up purchasing a license for Stripe in order to process payments on checkout. I would definitely consider any complex shipping requirements and integrations (like USPS / UPS / etc) when deciding on a commerce solution as with WooCommerce, their plugins must be bought individually (Shopify does the same thing with their plugins). Alternatively there are other non-WooCommerce developers that provide plugins. All in all a pretty great implementation experience and happy to support these guys on Product Hunt. Look forward to continuing to dive deeper into the product as the business grows. If you are thinking about giving it a try feel free to hit me up, happy to help.
Bryce Adams
Bryce AdamsMaker@bryceadams · Founder of Metorik
@rustydingo Thanks for the kind feedback! Yep, it is a completely open-source, GPL-licensed project and anyone is free to build their own extensions / add-ons for it, contribute to it, etc. @bftrick (WooCommerce Product Manager) can tell you a bit more about this too and our future plans for WooCommerce in general.
Patrick Rauland
Patrick RaulandMaker@bftrick · WooCommerce Product Manager, Automattic
@rustydingo glad you got it up and running easily! We just released Storefront (totally free) a new theme designed for WooCommerce sites. It's really customizable so you shouldn't have to copy template files into your theme which to be totally honest is a bit of a pain. I've found developers LOVE Stripe (I did) but after playing with the Pay with Amazon extension (free) I like it even more. Going through Amazon they do a bunch of fraud protection which other gateways don't do.
Adrian Phillips
Adrian Phillips@rustydingo · VP, Design
@bftrick thanks for the heads up on Storefront. Copying the files wasn't too much of a pain once I understood what did what. Really did allow me full customization of the templates as I wanted to make everything responsive (with the Bourbon Neat) and non-table based as @coreymaass stated below. That being said, look forward to 2.3. I'll also have to look at Pay with Amazon too. Cheers Patrick