Wooclap 2.0

Turning smartphones into an exceptional learning tool 👩‍🏫

Wooclap revolutionises the learning and teaching process by increasing student engagement and participation during classes.

Wooclap has just raised €1.4 million to better captivate students and revolutionise education!

🎉 Wooclap is FREE for K-12 SCHOOLS starting September 2018!!!

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First and foremost, major thanks to @bramk for hunting us. We are unbelievably thrilled to be on Product Hunt! 🚀 For those of you who are curious, here is how we came up with Wooclap! My co-founder Jonathan and I studied together at University, and throughout our studies we noticed 3 striking points in today’s education system. 1. Classes lacked interactivity between students and teachers 2. Generation (Z), expects to live experiences everywhere and all the times, even in class. 3. Researches in neurosciences have recently determined that the attention span drops drastically after 10 minutes of passive listening. Ideally, it would be necessary to vary the educational activities every 10 minutes or so. Of course, in practice, that's easier said than done, so we decided to create Wooclap to assist teachers in this approach. Because, we get it, captivating an audience is a great challenge, especially with distractions available at the tip of our fingers (📲 ). We really wanted to find a way to transform students into active learners and rebuild a constructive dialogue and relationship between students and teachers. Wooclap is an EdTech platform that enables teachers to ask different types of questions to their students, integrated within their presentation, to which students answer using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Results are then displayed in real time on the teacher’s presentation. ✅Wooclap helps you: Measure & react to your audience’s understanding in real time Stimulate interactivity and engagement Improve learning and collaboration Boost participation Our MOTTO: “Rather than fighting smartphones, why not turn them into exceptional learning tools”. Wooclap 2.0 is the chance for us to show you how much we have improved the platform with the help of pedagogical engineers from around the world, and make it more complete and powerful than any other online voting system. In the past few months, many more universities and schools have embarked on our Wooclap adventure towards revolutionising education. We are proud to say that we are now in over 100 countries across the world. Now onto the good stuff 🎁 : We have a special gift for the PH community! → Buy a Wooclap plan now, and get 50% OFF! We can’t wait to welcome you all on Wooclap to help you boost collaboration and interactivity with your students! FYI: Our entire Wooclap team will be available all day to answer any questions you might have, and we are super excited to receive your feedback! Cheers!
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@bramk @sebastien_lebbe How could facilitators of workshops leverage Wooclap? I deliver training to employees at tech firms - could it work for me?
@bramk @sebastien_lebbe @abadesi It certainly can, Wooclap's already being used by groups like Francis Lefebvre Formation during training sessions to enhance learner experience. You can create a free account on www.wooclap.com and have a look around the platform to see exactly how Wooclap might be beneficial to your workshops.
Dear @abadesi I used the app to organise a quiz in a private setting. It was easy to set up and to get everyone involved in the voting. So you should definitely have a go with it. Participants liked it very much. Hope this helps.@bramk @sebastien_lebbe
I've used Wooclap when I was a teaching assistant at the university and my students liked it a lot. It's great for people who are a bit shy and don't normally interact during class. I was able to see if my students understood the topics or not and adapt accordingly. Glad to see them on PH !
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@thomaslenzi Thanks for your comment! We truly strive to improve the learning and teaching process! The entire team is thrilled to read this!
@thomaslenzi Sounds really interesting... how long does it take to set up?
@abadesi It's pretty easy and fast to setup, maybe a couple of minutes to get started. I used it to display questions I had prepared in advanced and did the rest of my course on the blackboard. But I had colleagues who uploaded the slides they already had and used Wooclap for their entire presentation. I think you can try it out with the free version.
@thomaslenzi Cool! I've just created a free account, will play around with it later. I am always looking for ways to make training more engaging and interactive.
@rrhoover @abadesi It is a bit sad that Product Hunt doesn't have an EdTech category... there were no appropriate sections for our solution. I think it is really an interesting and important domain in technology and that a lot of people tend to oversee all the good it can bring. I think that making a section for EdTech would be bringing awareness and encouraging these kinds of startup to reach platforms such as Product Hunt and not feel quite left out from the tech world…

I use Wooclap for all my trainings and I always get the "woo" effect. Students love it!


Very easy to use - Amazing UX - Powerful tool to improve the learning experience - Strong support


Would be great to have also an app for iPhone and Google Play

Thanks for your support! Regarding your comment about having a native app, our reasoning is that people already have a lot of apps on their smartphones, and they want to start participating right away without having to download the app on the App Store / Play Store. Having a web app gives us this flexibility: no download required, and they can start using Wooclap as fast they can type their participation code :).
Just a wonderful experience to capture the attention of the students. I don’t know who plays the most : the teacher or the students? One thing is certain : with Wooclap the active partipation rate is 100%.
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@audreydedonder Thank you for your continued support, we couldn't do it without our users. As always, it's great to hear students enjoy the platform!
Great tool to make learning awesome and effective!
@justine210410 Thank you for your support!