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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 22, 2016
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Hey Hunters! I am the co-founder of WOO, it's great to be listed on PH! :) Ami, my partner and myself built the WOO platform to enable techies to discover if companies are ready to offer them what's important to them, while staying completely anonymous and passive. We took the hassle of the job discovery process and created a simple, anonymous way for everyone to know their true demand out there. We would be happy to have the community feedback and answer any question you might have. Cheers, Liran
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Working for a tech company or considering it? This will help you figure out how much you can actually get paid to work at tech companies!
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@hnshah thanks Hiten!
I've got a beta invite to WOO ( then highr.io) and even though I'm not looking for a job, I registered anyway. I have to say, there's something there! It's quite nice to get job offers with real numbers instead of pings from HR people no linked in. I see a great future for this platform, for the dormant part of the tech industry that isn't actively looking for a job but deep down wants something better. Great job guys, keep killing it!
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@altryne thanks Alex, your feedback made us smile :)
Awesome! I am really interested in the future scaling of Woo or thoughts towards that?
@as_austin Thanks! We see WOO scaling out to more areas and more industries. But we also see the product scaling to give people more in depth and personal insights that’ll make them smarter about their demand in the market and what their best options are (something we feel is really lacking for most people today).
If only this worked in the UK
@leafbomb We're soon going to expand to more cities & countries, stay tuned ;)