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Should be very convenient while on the go, or when driving (meaning stopped in your car...)
@ourielohayon absolutely! hopefully we'll minimise the time you'll b looking for parking in downtown SF
And we're a live..... thank you for everyone for the great support and love till now!!! I will be here to answer any question and discuss. If you're into ML, AI, speech and Natural User Interfaces, well, we can chat forever :-)
Ooo, cool. I wonder how long it will take Apple to just implement this directly within the capabilities of Siri I never use Siri - wonder if I just think this is a cool idea or whether I'd ACTUALLY use it... unfortunately maybe not the latter. @galmelamed how has your journey been since the TechCrunch article from 2012!!? What were your biggest challenges and how have you over come them? What are the biggest pieces of feedback you have received? Do you worry that Apple could implement this as part of a Siri capability?
@bentossell really great questions, the question about Apple is crossing my mind every other morning :-) but we've created core technology around social language and unpredictable content. You see, unlike other voice assistants, WV is personalising the speech interface to you in real time! clearly you have different twitter lists/spotify playlists, you get other trending topics than I get, and so on. In fact there are good tech reasons that prevents other voice assistants from enabling such solutions and the is the reason I believe you'll not find a speech solutions that enables what we have just released.
@bentossell regarding our journey, well, we have learned a lot from our first app. Speech is not a simple technology at this point and in order to overcome tech issues we have to rewrite a bunch of algorithms and code
@bentossell so basically the new version was created after complete overhaul - visual re-design and technology wise. Last, it is now FREE for the first time, as we started as payed app and now we're ready to offer it for FREE :-)
Love the idea. Been trying to use more voice commands on the go. Hope you got it right.
@moravtchik thanks for the feedback! would love to hear about your experience. are there any apps/services you wish you could have controlled via voice?
@galmelamed @moravtchik My team uses Asana to manage workload (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...). If Wondervoice can navigate to the right section (bugs \ design \ discussions) and read me the latest post it would be terrific. Also, waiting for the android version (signed up for Beta)
@moravtchik gr8 idea, we definitely started to work on teams related apps and Asana is extremely interesting 👍🏼
lets start with few words about the app. It is different than anything you have used before. We're enabling true hands free interaction with the best apps : Twitter (yep, you can listen to your timeline, rt, reply, like…) , Facebook (yep, your news feed are here…) , Spotify (your playlists) , Pocket (it's time to catch up on those articles) and even helps you find available parking if you're in USA/Canada.