Enjoy unlimited things to do every day. London only.

I met Nelson and the Wonderush team nearly 12 months ago. A great product and people behind it. I invested right away as Wonderush fills a big void for a lot of people and has gained popularity pretty quickly. Looking forward to everyone's feedback and growing this globally!
Any plans for expanding this? Currently the only thing I can do on Wunderush is "Visit London"
@jamiequackers Hey Jamie I think it's only available in London for now. I hunted it because it reminded me of a cross between YPlan and ClassPass and for £29 p/m unlimited vs gym membership (ClassPass is £79 p/m ?) it looks like a great alternative plus more unique activities. I have't used it yet though. I'm sure the founders will shed some light too! Do you think you would use a subscription service like this?
@thatgirl_chloe @jamiequackers Absolutely - I'm a firm believer that trying something new every day is the key to happiness!
Thanks for the add @thatgirl_chloe. We are currently in London but will be expanding globally later this year.
This is awesome! Considering memberships to gyms and other activities can be so expensive in London, this is a wicked alternative.
Hey everyone! Founder of Wonderush here. Happy to answer any questions.