Create an acronym decoder for your team, online and on Slack

It is easy for newcomers and busy managers to feel overwhelmed by team-specific jargon.

Wonderus helps your team document its unique language, acronyms and all. Your knowledge base is always available on the web and on Slack. Create your free account and get started quickly at https://wonderus.app

  • Pros: 

    Super easy to set up


    We don't use Slack so can't take advantage of all the features

    I've been using Wonderus in my clinical psychology research lab to keep track of the millions of acronyms and codes we use, in particular the DSM criteria for mental disorders (MDD, GAD, PTSD, etc.). It's so useful to have a place to go to quickly access this knowledge. It's made it way easier to keep track of reference codes and acronyms.

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  • Jessamine Bartley-Matthews
    Jessamine Bartley-MatthewsWord and Interaction Designer

    Friendly, intuitive interface


    We don't use Slack at my company

    I can't think of enough good things to say about this tool. As a content strategist, I spend a lot of time trying to clarify unclear terminology and acronyms for my team; having Wonderus in my toolkit would make my life so much easier.

    I love how easy it is to add cards, and how I can link different terms together to show dependencies and relationships. They honestly thought of everything. I just wish my company used Slack!

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Hey there – Really excited to be launching Wonderus on Product Hunt today. Thank you @ChrisMessina for hunting! Wonderus is a knowledge base, especially designed for teams that make heavy use of acronyms and jargon, because I know how overwhelming this can be for newcomers I wanted to make it easy for anyone to contribute and make sense of this team-specific knowledge with either a search or command in Slack. Wonderus is available for free for all teams now! It takes just a minute to create an account at https://wonderus.app, connect to Slack, and start adding cards to your knowledge base. A few features I like to highlight: * You can add “Shorthand” to cards right underneath the title which makes Wonderus an effective acronym decoder * The text editor makes it super easy to reference other cards and switch between them as you write * If you connect to Slack, every member of your team will have access to your knowledge base without having to create a separate Wonderus account * You can also create cards and ask questions directly from SlackI’m deeply interested in helping teams learn and share their knowledge more effectively. I’ve been thinking about new features (eg. Chrome extension) and integrations with other platforms (eg. Jira tickets), so I’m looking forward to getting your feedback here throughout the day.
How could I use Wonderus in an educational setting? I currently work in a school!
@kate_riley1 Hi Kate! I've been using Wonderus with the Smart.ly MBA program's Slack team this summer. It was really helpful for me as a learner to keep track of key jargon and acronyms in Wonderus.
@kate_riley1 Hi Kate! Wonderus is suitable for educational settings as well as corporate environments. Shoot us an email and we can talk more about how Wonderus can help you at school!