Rethink Search, 10–100x faster 👆🏼 Mind Meld with the Web.

From the creator of isoHunt, WonderSwipe rethinks search as it's been done with mobile browsers. How?

1. Faster search: 10-100x article loading & browsing

2. Easily swipe through search results, no history back & forth or bg tabs

3. Reader mode with each result summarized

4. Hands-free mode: automated browsing, summaries read out like audiobooks

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Gary FungMaker@garyfung · Creator of isoHunt & WonderSwipe
Hey Hunters, I started isoHunt 15 years ago. Not to reminisce, but that WonderSwipe feels like to me the biggest thing I've worked on since then. Mobile search is sucking. How often do you have a non-trivial search while you are out, and held off until you got to your desktop later to do it because it'd be too slow in your mobile browser? You google, you tap a link, wait 5s or so, not what you want, go back out, rinse and repeat. While all the advertising and shit gets in the way of you finding your answer among the jungle on your small screen and kills your phone's battery. You get to a desktop eventually, you sometimes remember to search what you had in mind. Sometimes you forget. Some of those may have been your next billion dollar idea or will save the world. Oh well. With WonderSwipe, all search results are summarized on your smartphone. Images and text in more concise form, always optimally formatted, and all search terms are nicely highlighted for easy scanning. You see a good summary, you tap in to read the original full text, scrolled in context. If you want to see the original HTML, Web view (browser mode) is a button away. Not what you want? You swipe to the next results using the most natural UI gesture ever invented. Thank you, Steve Jobs. Now even my baby girl know how to swipe through photos. And soon, she too can wonder-swipe through search results! Well, as soon as she knows how to read. Summarized search results as an infinite carousel, swiped like photos. I'm going to patent the hell out of this, I think. 🤔 And oh yes, if you have no hands to even swipe, WonderSwipe has a Speak mode where result summaries are auto-scrolled while spoken out like an audiobook! Web search as an audiobook. Now you have 0 excuse to not use your super-powered smartphone to search, wherever you are and whatever else you are doing. Questions, suggestions? I'm happy to answer. Where's android version you ask? It's coming, we'll work on it next. WonderSwipe is built with React Native, so we are already about 80% of the way there.