A free keyword tool that uses Google's data relationships

WonderSearch is a free keyword tool that automatically uses Google's data relationships (people also ask, people also search for, and related queries) to find semantically related keywords.

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Nice work @nick_eubanks. I love seeing these new keyword tools popping up – I think there is so much potential for the right product. It feels like some tools (e.g. Ahrefs) do an amazing job, but are overkill if you just want to do some keyword research. Would love to know how you build this? Where are you getting keyword data from? What's next on your roadmap?
@joetannorella Thanks Joe :) The data is coming from Google's actual SERPs (adding in a few clicks to generate more semantic terms) and then the metric data is coming from AdWords.
@nick_eubanks Awesome site! I'm curious: How is AdWords letting you run so many queries? I thought they limited that pretty strictly in order to force people to use their own Keyword Planner Tool ?

Would love to be able to export the table of checked terms. I do see that I can download a csv of all terms. Also, wonder why no results for 'sat test tutor'. Finally, I would rebrand the top of page with 'Keyword Wondersearch' :)


Nice simple tool


Can't download checked keywords

Curious to see what people think
@nick_eubanks Every search results with a popup showing this error: "We're so sorry, an error has occured. Please try your search again or contact us for assistance."
@nick_eubanks @chris_crompton1 I'm experiencing the same thing as Chris.
@chris_crompton1 @combatdavey Arg! I think we may be running into server issues from traffic.. diving in on this now
@nick_eubanks Hey Nick, congrats on launch, it looks great! One observation: volume orders values as strings not numbers. Also, how do you calculate keyword difficulty? Thanks!
@ondrej_svestka cheers Ondrej, the values are actually being ordered as values within DataTables. The kw difficulty is formoaid search and is from AdWords.

Thanks to @Nick and @Ryan for launching this amazing free tool.


No need to login. Super fast.


I couldn't find any.