Inspiration app for stories about travel and outdoor culture

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Hey guys, my name is Martin and I led the team that created Wonders. We've developed this app to inspire people to go and play outside. After 3 months of development, I am very happy to have just launched Wonders to the App Store and am super curious what you think of it. :)
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@martinahe Congrats on the launch Martin!
@radiofreejohn @martinahe Thanks man! We're happy campers with Heap!
@martinahe looks amazing!! Really like the updates!
Pretty neat app to wonder away from reality. Similar like http://www.producthunt.com/posts... I wonder what their business model is. :o
Our next release will set the foundation for what will allow us to create a whole new market;) I'd love to get your feedback before we release.
@martinahe @milann hit me up on Twitter when you need feedback! And we should do a collab with Wildcard :)
@milann Sure thing man! Say hi to all the peeps in Amsterdam (e.g. Geet Khosla) - I miss that place tons!
Congrats on the launch. What were the biggest learnings that led you to this product, from some of the earlier iterations you worked on?
@drewmeyers hey man! I do recall talking about in Valparaiso! ;) I guess in the end we just decided to build something that we personally would love. Kind of selfish, but it felt good. And it was so much fun to work on it too!
Looks good! Whats in it for the brands that they can't find elsewhere?
@frankdenbow it's not really for brands ;)
Such an awesome app! As an avid consumer of good content online, Wonders is what I have been waiting for. Great job to the team, and loving all the content on the app so far!