Creative and elegant mini golf game playing with perspective

Hi Product Hunters! Happy to share a game I discovered (only!) yesterday. Here's a description by the creators themselves: "Wonderputt is Damp Gnat’s award winning iOS and online Flash adventure-golf game, launched 15th August 2011 on Kongregate and 13th September 2012 on iPad. Initially estimated at a 2 month production period, ended up taking over 5 months over a year between contract work. It was made using 3DStudioMax (for small objects) but mainly Adobe Photoshop, Flash and cheap note pads. The game uses Adverputt’s core code but with 18 holes, each with their own unique animated features. The theme encompasses all manner of scientific illustration from geographic encyclopedias to instruction manuals….. but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos and a sprinkle of alien abduction for good measure. Code & design: Reece Millidge Sound & music: Dan Millidge of danmillidge.co.uk" Have fun on your favorite browser or on your iPhone :)
@maximepico Very cool. Love the new perspective.
This game is great. The different courses are fantastic! I love the creativity.