WonderPush for Chrome

Targeted push notifications for HTTP-only websites

Push web notifications are probably going to become a commodity! WonderPush implementation looks great. Check out their demo!
First, many thanks to Nicolas @dessaigne for his review of WonderPush. I cofounded WonderPush with Olivier @ofavre and Bruno @brunob and we are glad to present here our solution for Web push notifications. It is very simple to integrate on blogs or websites, even ones without HTTPS and many subdomains. Just a few lines of javascript and it runs. Thus you could use it to notify your users of a newly published article corresponding to their area of ​​interest, even if the browser is not running. This makes it a formidable reengagement solution. Try it, it's free in many cases. And leave us questions and comments to help us improve it.
WonderPush for websites is now running with Firefox 44+. From now on, an editor can reengage 77% of his website audience via push notifications!