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Thank you @kwdinc for hunting us! And thanks for the questions and feedback so far. We're happy to be on Product Hunt and happy that our official US Launch day is here. We created Wonder.Legal as a way to make it easy and convenient for people to quickly create high-quality legal documents. We've had great success in the countries where we already launched. Our users tell us that the reason they love our site is because it is dead simple to use. I come from a UX background and, as the founder, ease of use was important to me. Also, the templating language we developed makes it easy for us to expand our list of documents and languages quickly and thus have lower costs, which we then pass on to our users in the form of low-priced documents. We welcome your thoughts and feedback. Hope you get a chance to try it out!
@wonderjeremie Looks great! Any plans to add a partnership agreement for co-founders (equity split, responsibilities, etc)?
@imakestrides Hi Kyle, our technology allows us to create new documents very quickly. In a year, we expect to have 200+ available documents in the US, including a partnership agreement..
Impressive execution of the idea must say. Tested one of the forms and not only does it reduce barrier to make legal documents for non-lawyers but will make it faster for legal professionals to fulfill these standard documents as well. Development requests for the future releases based on first impressions - Adding optional clauses you can add in different sections of the document (these could be crowd sourced or at least voted on) - Possibility to customize contact details further (logo, national security number) so the document is more customized on the moment it's opened up for the first time - Option for adding pre-loaded signature / digital signature - Possibility to subscribe for a email notification when X country is released.
@juhslk Thank you for the feedback. Some of the ideas that you mentioned will be added in time.
Is there any difference between the country choices besides language?
With Wonder.Legal, you can create customized legal documents online, in real time, for as low as $1.99 per document. From Employment Agreements to Loan Agreements, NDAs, Lease Agreements and more. It's launching in the US today. It's already available in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Canada & Mexico.
@kwdinc This looks interesting. Any chances of this launching for India soon?
@arunsathiya @kwdinc Hey Arun, our plan is to open in the whole world. So India is definitely on the list!
@arunsathiya @kwdinc Us too! Thanks for the kind words!
Nice resource; would be great to see more business related templates on here.
@adamvagley I agree. There are just 30 documents for the launch but we plan to create 200+ documents in a year. About half will be business documents.