Wonder Keyboard

The keyboard that helps you sound smart and funny



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Allan ZhangMaker@daspianist · Building mobile technologies.
Oh hey, how does this keyboard work? 🤔 Just like this! 😁
Calum Webb@calum_webb
@daspianist Ah it looks great! Any news on a release for Android? I volunteer if you're looking for active Beta Testers for a Android version :D
Sam MMaker@samrealizes · Echelon Creative
@calumwebbworldw thanks for reaching out. It is probably going to be a ways off but we will be sure to keep you in the loop
Johannes DeMattia@demattia · COO, Mild Media
Sam MMaker@samrealizes · Echelon Creative
Hey everyone, thank you so much for checking out Wonder Keyboard!! We are thrilled to be on Product Hunt and have a couple of fun goodies for the Product Hunt community. (1) When you download Wonder Keyboard, be sure to use the code "phiscool" in the settings tab --> easter eggs of the container app to unlock something special. (2) We hope you take two seconds to contribute to the creation of the Product Hunter persona. Check out this form to be memorialized in this pending reality. A 😽😻😸filled surprise is waiting for those who do https://docs.google.com/forms/d/... Best, Allan and Sam
Allan ZhangMaker@daspianist · Building mobile technologies.
@samrealizes Each of the personas get a persona card, and in case you were wondering what the Product Hunt persona will look like... 😸
Anas Bouzoubaa@anasbouzoubaa · iOS Developer
Love it! Great keyboard again from @daspianist !!
Allan ZhangMaker@daspianist · Building mobile technologies.
Wait, a book re-written with emojis? Yep! Help us build the PH persona, and you'll get a treat ;)
Yuri Kleban@yurikleban · Googler by day, Startup-er by night
great product and idea, hope it comes to android soon :)