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Wonder.fm mines SoundCloud for the 99 most-played tracks of the last month, and then aggregates them on an image grid for easy browsing. Created by the cofounder of We are Hunted
@nikunj Nice, SoundCloud's database is a smart choice.
Yeah it's another music discovery site. I built Wonder.fm so I can find the type of new music I enjoy. The other services I tried were too complicated. I will release mobile apps soon, so I can listen on my phone and in my car. If other people want to use it, go for it. I hope you find some cool tunes.
@huntedguy Awesome! Looking forward to it.
@huntedguy great! I was actually sad when 'We Are Hunted' shut down (or transformed into Twitter Music). Will use this for sure! Are you looking to go for a Spotify (app) approach in the future, or will you completely stay focussed on Soundcloud?
@thisisjorik thanks for the kind words. Plan to stay with SoundCloud for now. It's where emerging artists are releasing their stuff first.
@huntedguy looking fwd to giving this a go!
Some interesting data for the music nerds among you. I've been monitoring SoundCloud data for years, and the new Kendrick Lamar track that dropped yesterday was simply incredible. It peaked around 150k plays/hour and ended the day over 2M plays. After only one day, it's already in the top 5 most played songs this month on SoundCloud. Data here: http://wonder.fm/filter/?genre=a... Track here: https://soundcloud.com/topdawgen...
@huntedguy Interesting. Was the 1st day of the new Lamar bigger in terms of plays than the Flawless x Nicki Minaj / Beyoncé ( https://soundcloud.com/beyoncemu... )? Curious: is this one ( https://soundcloud.com/macklemor... ) the most played recording on soundcloud? Would be nice to browse a time machine (in the style of hypem) for the past months.
@huntedguy I've never seen a track hit that many blogs in 6 hours.
@daualset haha cool. you've found the big ones. The Lamar track stood out because I happen to be watching closely at the time. The historic data stuff is interesting, but I am not tracking time series. I'm not that clever. I guess Alex and the crew at the Next Big Sound would be able to answer these questions easily.
@dshan what did you see? I saw Twitter light up like 4th of July.
@huntedguy I'm a crazy obsessed new music hunter. I literally in ten years haven't seen one song hit EVERY major indie/solo author music blog AT ONCE. Then like 2 hours later it popped onto all the big guys. Was bananas.
There is a secret world of really incredible music that lives on Soundcloud, much of which will never make it to the Spotify/Rdios of the world. The trick with Soundcloud is finding that good stuff without doing the hard work of following tons of people and curating. Wonder does a pretty great job of helping you find those gems and wrapping it up in a clean listening experience.
More interesting data at http://wonder.fm/today
@daualset Thanks for sharing. Checking it out - really curious as to how "obvious" the tracks are/aren't. Want to find some new stuff. 😀