Wonder Cube

The smallest most versatile iPhone accessory (pre-launch)

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So I IM'd the link to my wife and said "this will change your life". She replies "I'm working and some of us don't have time to spend hanging out on the internet looking at things". Ten minutes later, "OMG, I need this! How do I get one?"
What can't this thing do... Love the ability to use an actual 9 volt to recharge your phone. If you're in a pinch, the last thing you need is having to recharge your portable charger. Not really in the eco-friendly direction these portable chargers are going, but unique non the less. Although I must say, a flashlight too? Now they're just showing off.
Ah yep! Want. But, does it work with USB-C?
I love it but ... built in cable + charge + sync = 1 feature (not 3) AHA