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Wonder was built to provide a beautiful, enjoyable and personalised way for the ‘mobile generation’ to discover exciting things to do, see and buy within their city…all with one, simple, swipe. We believe people love effortlessly browsing engaging images for their mobile discovery. We also believe that this content format is a really powerful way for brands and businesses to engage mobile audiences with the exciting things they have to sell. We are self-funded and have recently soft-launched in London and NewYork, and will be expanding to new cities over the coming months. We would love to hear feedback on the product itself (things you like, things you don’t and ideas) and also any exciting ideas you have for marketing our App in current and new cities.
Hi everyone, Co-Founder of Wonder here and just want to say thanks for the upvotes so far. Also really interested to hear any comments, feedback, questions and anything else you all may be thinking, so please get in touch. Nothing better than to engage with end users and/or knowlegeable fellow tech lovers!