Easily save, organise and share everything about your trips

This platform takes the hassle away from sharing recommendations, organising group trips and finding scattered info related to your trips. Behind the curtain, we are developing a new type of travel recommendations based on bahavioural sciences and applying AI to our unique dataset.

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Hey PH, I’m Claire from wOndary - a platform saving you time and efforts around your trips, especially when travelling with friends. Thought it might be helpful before the official kickoff of the long weekends season 😉✈️☀️ The platform enables to explore itineraries and save, organise everything about your trips. Behind the curtain, we are developing a new type of travel recommendations. We launched in June and just added the Explore feature - one of the major milestones in developping our Beta. We aim to integrate all the tools & resources you use for your travels. Our mission is to empower travellers to explore boundaries (or to "Get lost on the right track!" as we like to call it 😋). A couple of tips: - Suggestions show you the gems from other travellers when building your itinerary - Browser Extention is great to keep at hand all the info you find while preparing your trip - Sync Calendar to get reminders (To Do's,...) & see your itinerary even offline (it updates automatically) - Nearby Activity enables to add all the gems while on the go Know travel bloggers or vloggers? we'd love to offer them access to our widget! We’ll refine the platform over the next few months, before moving out of Beta, and would love some feedback. I'm happy to answer any questions! Thank you!
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Hey, I'm Achim from wOndary. Let us know what you think, can't wait to hear your feedback!
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Its great! super easy to use! I was able to plan my trips in advace and then create my trip. I was able to look up trips and get inspired by others. The inspiration allowed me to look up places I never went to before and get insight into new places. I made more trips based on this and was able to set up another trip for the bucket list


makes planning easier


Not much! there are occasional glitches

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I already have several trips saved in my profile. It allows other fellow travelers to be inspired and have idea when planing a trip where I have already been. I also have drafts of my upcoming trips. It's perfect to have all the stuff I need in the same place as well as use other trackers expérience to build my next trip.


Perfect to plan trips/weekends get aways. Easy to use and easy to share


Not much

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Great product! Well done Claire and team!
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@emilieldn Thank you Emilie! Glad you like it!
Great job!! Unique concept 😊
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Thank you for the kind words @ayush_chandra ! Keen to hear your feedback once you get a chance to use it :)