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Todd Goldberg
Todd GoldbergMaker@toddg777 · 👀 crypto
Hi Product Hunt! - Like many of you, we were inspired by the millions who participated in the Women’s March this past weekend. Since then, the organization has created the “10 actions for 100 days” campaign. It’s first suggested action is to use their postcard template to write your Senator about what’s important to you. The problem is the site doesn’t make this easy, and only provides a basic template for you to print and mail. My co-founder and I have been building products in the on-demand print space for awhile, so we knew there was a better way. In the past 24 hours, we quickly built http://womensmarch.support. It lets anyone select their Senators and write a personal postcard to them using the Women’s March template. We’ll then print and mail it (we compiled the Senator’s addresses so you don’t have to). How you can help: 1) Share this on FB/Twitter (use hashtag #womensmarch) 2) If you know someone in their organization, please send them this. It’s a much better solution than what their current site has.
Nic Guerra-Mondragon
Nic Guerra-Mondragon@nicgdragon · Co-Founder of Tove & Biz Dev @Sincerely
I want to point out that you can send a card very easily through the Ink Cards App, which is on the "10 actions for 100 days campaign" website as the official card sending partner of Women's March. :) The Women's March Ink card also allows you to customize your postcard with a photo. The UX is seamless. We have already given away over 10,000 cards for FREE and are currently offering the card for $1.99. You can use promo code "WomensMarch" today to send it the card for only $0.99 https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Todd Goldberg
Todd GoldbergMaker@toddg777 · 👀 crypto
@nicgdragon Different means. Same end :)
Ranidu Lankage
Ranidu LankageHiring@ranidu · CEO at Audius
This is awesome @todd
Duane Wilson✌️
Duane Wilson✌️Pro@helloduane · Product : Design & Development
Awesome job @toddg777 :D Some friends were having issues with the PDF downloadable card on the website being an odd dimension and not printing well, so I re-made it for them... this would have been easier ;D shared!
Todd Goldberg
Todd GoldbergMaker@toddg777 · 👀 crypto
@helloduane Thanks, Duane! Appreciate the support on here/twitter.
Guy Morita
Guy Morita@guymorita · Co-Founder @ Eden
Cool site! Going to try sending a few.