Women’s World Cup Challenge

March madness for the women's soccer world cup

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Jeremy Melul
Jeremy Melul@jmelul · CEO & co-founder, JOGABO
Great to see the women's side of the game being represented. Excited for the WWC to start.
Togga Will
Togga WillMaker@toggawill · Co-Founder Togga
@jmelul Thanks Jeremy! Nothing like the World Cup, mens or women's.
Scott Faust
Scott FaustMaker@togga_scott · Co-founder, Togga
With over 20,000 users signed up, we invite Product Hunters to join the community before the Women’s World Cup starts in 2 days! A team of six of us decided to create the Women’s World Cup Challenge because when we looked around at under-served soccer groups, we realized that the Women’s game was not getting the recognition it deserved. To that end, we’ve put a tremendous amount of time and effort in creating a world-class mobile app for the Women’s World Cup 2015 How it Works: Users have a global rank by picking group winners, runners-up and third place finishers. Users will earn bonus points for picking the teams that qualify for the knockout stages. Once the group stage is complete, users will then swipe to pick the winners of every match in the knockout stage.  Users can join featured groups that include signed jerseys and cleats for top finishers. Users can also create private groups to play amongst friends. The app has all match times and has real-time data integration to follow all the action. We are big believers in the growth story of soccer (especially women’s soccer) and want to do our part. Download the app to better engage with the biggest sports tournament of 2015.
Anne-Laure Chorro
Anne-Laure Chorro@alchorro · Founder ZeroWasteForLife.com
Great idea !!! :D
Togga Will
Togga WillMaker@toggawill · Co-Founder Togga
@alchorro Thanks!
Togga Will
Togga WillMaker@toggawill · Co-Founder Togga
Hey Product Hunters! The Togga team is all here to answer any questions. The only thing we can't tell you is who is going to win the Women's World Cup.