Wolf Flow

A desktop productivity software creating 1-click transitions

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Wolf Flow is a seamless desktop app that organizes your desktop and lets you task-switch efficiently.

It's time to regain control of the chaos and eliminate do-overs.

All Windows 10 Users can use the promo: Focus2018 to get 50% off the first three months of either our Power & Pro subscriptions, and this is AFTER the 30 day, risk free trial!

  • Nash Whaley
    Nash WhaleyWorkonFlow

    Unique and simple solution to task management


    none so far

    Very cool idea! This is a unique approach to productivity applications. I'm excited to test it out. I could definitely see myself using this for managing my personal tasks and responsibilities.

    Nash Whaley has never used this product.
  • Zachary E. Blumenfeld
    Zachary E. Blumenfeldwww.ThirdSpace.us

    Saves me time and makes me productive



    Get it now!

    Zachary E. Blumenfeld has used this product for one year.
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Jen Juedes
Jen JuedesMaker@jen_juedes · Co-founder of Wolf Flow
Hi Everyone - We're excited to introduce you to Wolf Flow! Do you ever get frustrated when shuffling through windows and tabs trying to find what you need? That's because there hasn't been a tool to help you organize all of these resources by task, until Wolf Flow. We focus on eliminating the cognitive chaos and busy work associated with task switching, so you can focus your time and energy on your most meaningful work. We like to think of Wolf Flow as your Master Tool. Our desktop software allows you to group windows and applications into "Sessions" for your different tasks, clients or projects. After you name and save your Sessions, they are stored for you to return to anytime exactly how you left them. No more shuffling and no more do-overs, everything is right where you need it, when you need it. In addition to segmenting your work into Sessions, we offer features like automated time tracking and analytics as well as Silent Mode - all with the end goal to help boost your productivity. Please let us know any questions that you have about Wolf Flow - and try it out for Free!
Wahyu Kristianto
Wahyu Kristianto@kristories · @kristories
@jen_juedes available for Mac? Or Windows only?
Jen Juedes
Jen JuedesMaker@jen_juedes · Co-founder of Wolf Flow
@kristories - Hi Wahyu, thanks for the note! At this time are are focused on Windows. However we hope to have a Mac version released towards the end of the year! Sign up on our website to stay up to date on the Mac version :)
Will Coffin
Will Coffin@will_coffin
This is a fantastic solution for managing your workflow/apps/windows on windows. I have been a part of their early Beta program and the company is awesome as well, incredibly responsive and constantly innovating new features based on user feedback. Windows 10 is awesome (I just recently converted back to windows from being a 10+ years Mac guy) and this tool on top of Windows 10 is a game changer. I don't say that lightly, if you run a businesses and pay people to use a windows computer every day, you need to put this on all of your computers to recover +20% more of your employees time. Another great application of this tool is workflow standardization. I use it for all of those repeated tasks that I have to ever day, but also those tasks that I only do once a week or once a month. It was always a pain to remember where all of the files were and what applications I needed for those less frequent tasks, like expense reports or updating a client website. Being able to have a one-click solution to instantly open all of the files and applications I need for that particular tasks is amazing. Just click on that saved session and I am immediately back where I was last time I need to work on that task... Quickbooks is open, excel is open to the correct file, my browser windows open up to the pages I need... it's amazing. The ways I use this the most are: - Web Development - I save each client as a sesson and I am right back in the environment I need with my code editor, folders open, sftp client ready to go, and the web admin pages already populated. - Accounting - As a startup founder I have to update the books at least once a week and this makes jumping back into that task a 5sec process, not the 10 min of setup it usually takes. -Separating personal tasks from work - I keep a personal session and that is where I do all of my browser, shopping or personal finance stuff so I just close that session to get back to my work tasks and I know that all of those browser tabs and apps are saved for me and ready at a moements notice but not taking up computer resources (Memory/CPU) and affecting my ability to quickly get through work tasks. I really can't rave about this product enough, its like have an extra computer available for every task I have to complete with everything just ready to go all the time. I upvote a lot but I don't often comment here on product hunt, only when I am truly passionate about a product. This one merits your attention :)
Gillian C Brown Fink
Gillian C Brown Fink@gillian_c_brown_fink
Lovely idea and execution! So helpful in a day's work.
Jen Juedes
Jen JuedesMaker@jen_juedes · Co-founder of Wolf Flow
@gillian_c_brown_fink Thanks Gillian!
Alexander Coffin
Alexander CoffinMaker@alexandercoffin1
Hey Everyone - Thanks for your interest and support in Wolf Flow! As Jen mentioned, we created Wolf Flow with the vision to help individuals increase their productivity and reduce stress from interruptions, distractions and the mundane busy-work when having to find all of your resources needed to complete a task. We recently pushed out Wolf Flow 2.0 which now includes Automated Time Tracking & Reporting, keyboard Hotkeys and "Silent Mode" which allows you to mute all notifications when trying to accomplish a specific task in a Session. All features baked in because of great feedback from our customers! All Windows 10 Users can use the promo: Focus2018 to get 50% off the first three months of either our Power & Pro subscriptions, and this is AFTER the 30 day, risk free trial! Although it is only on Windows 10 today, we have ambitions to move it over to Mac in the near future! Make sure to head over to our website and sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date on our Mac release. Promo: Focus2018 Try it out and let us know what you think! Https://wolfflow.io Big thanks for the hunt from Neeraj!
Karolina K.
Karolina K.@kinak12
What a wonderful idea and a time saver in today’s crazy, everyday life!