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Wobbl is your smart social media companion. Start fresh and create your own social media experience. Give yourself complete access and influence over what you see.
Follow creators on Wobbl and see their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds all in one place.
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Love the product! Also curious what tool you used to design/edit the promo video? Really engaging 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thank you very much :D Our designer has made it
How is it that Apple hasn't helped you clean up those 3,000 5-star spam ratings?
@chrismessina Hello, I have no idea what was happening there someone spamed us with "Great game" reviews, it's not even a game....We have contacted apple about it but non of them got removed.
@arslan_hajdarevic your response seems sketchier than the 3,000 5-star ratings.
This is awesome! Question: All other social media stay on their feed with ads and sponsored content. How will that translate over to Wobbl? Is it too early to tell?
@laura_pompeu We act as a middleware between the content provider and the user.If you want to see the detailed post, we will redirect you to the origin.Also we load youtube ads when you play the video from wobbl. Btw thanks :D
@arslan_hajdarevic will this work with paid YouTube accounts that are supposed to be without ads?
@arslan_hajdarevic @ltlry_luc1fir It will still play embedded YouTube ads inside of videos that pay the YouTube creators. Everything that gets the end user paid , still does.
That's great. I hate having a lot of tabs open.
I upvoted because I love this idea, but the app just doesn’t work for me. I tried logging on to different accounts(on Facebook and YouTube), but it doesn’t go past the ‘let’s get started’ page.
@ltlry_luc1fir Hey Lucifer! Unfortunately we have some technology issues with the iOS platform and our api logins, so we'll be removing from the iOS store until we can come up with a long term solution. We'll still be available on Android though.