AI-backed "Strain Genie" and cannabis dispensary locator.

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Roy Dequina
Roy DequinaHunter@roydequina · Founder + CEO | JUNXION
Found a really useful site that basically "curates" my cannabis experience. I say what I'm in the mood for and they find me the right strain and let me order it online from a nearby dispensary for delivery. Pretty dope.
NiccoMakerHiring@mobiuscydonia · CEO, WoahStork / Ph.D. Student, UCLA
Thanks for posting WoahStork on Product Hunt @roy.neil.dequina! With over 1000 strains actively cultivated and consumed in the U.S, it's hard to find the right strain for your plans. That's why we created WoahStork -- a way to find the right strain for any occasion and order it online. All you have to do is pick an activity group (Energize, Elevate, Chill, Create, Sleep, Medicate) and we find you the best strains for you, and your plans, available for pickup or delivery from dispensaries in your area. Users can upload their ID and doctor's recommendation (if they'd seeking medical marijuana) and immediately order pickup or delivery from nearby dispensaries. Whether they search by dispensary or strain, their purchasing experience is informed and streamlined. We provide dispensary owners with a suite of tools for order, patient, and inventory management. By allowing online ordering through WoahStork's advanced platforms, dispensaries stand to increase their exposure, drive sales, and seamlessly manage their patient and inventory data.
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · I help startups at SoFriendly.com
Hey Nicco! Nice to see you guys on here!
David Nguyen
David NguyenMakerHiring@duk_sau5 · COO, WoahStork
@itsthisjustin Hey Justin! great to see you here as well! We're looking to do away with the negative stigma that is associated with the cannabis industry and show patients that it can actually be used to assist in pain relief, stress, or anxiety!
Kevin Newman
Kevin NewmanMakerHiring@kevinnewmanyo · Marketing Manager, WoahStork
Hey PH! Thank you so much for checking us out. When visiting our site for the first time, you can use the promo code PH for an entry into a raffle for one of our WoahStork rolling trays!