Better than pomodoro, this timer app balances work and rest.

In short, I don't think there has been a timer software that is both GOOD-LOOKING, EASY-TO-USE, CROSS-PLATFORMED and has a STRONG ENOUGH fullscreen focus mode, until wnr is here.
What's the best of all? It's amazingly FREE, no charge, no in-app purchase.
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Roderick Qiu
Yet another student.
Hello everyone here! Thanks @benln for hunting! I'm the maker of wnr the app, and also a high school students who loves coding and studying using computer. But when I was using computer, I found that the rest mode of other pomodoro-like apps wasn't strong enough that I couldn't find myself fit in that. Also, most of the products wasn't beautiful and configurable enough. And I think that wnr has done that job in an minimalist way. And that's why I've been working on this project for one year and a half on my free time. I suppose this one is better than Stretchly, Flow and Pomodoro Time, etc. when it comes to timing. - What's so great about it 1. Available for both Windows and macOS 2. Modern and minimalist design 3. Fullscreen focus mode is [very strong] for this app, meaningful for people who always skip / ignore rest time when having pomodoro, and is the reason why I made it 4. Highly configurable, with 27 settings items 5. User friendly, with alerts before timers are ended 6. Statistics is vivid 7. Open-sourced at GitHub 8. Even more to find out... - What's going to be added 1. feature for blocking apps! 2. feature for scheduled timers! 3. more, through your feedback! I'm happy to answer any question and listen to any suggestion. FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD wnr NOW FOR FREE TO SEEK YOUR FREEDOM!
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Tianze Ds QiuGitHub @scris, Grade 11 in China
It's helpful for me. Thank you for making it!
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Wilson Bright
Maker of πŸ‘‰ https://blocksurvey.io
Congrats on the launch!
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very helpful. nicely done. thanks a lot!
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