OSX App for Google Inbox and Gmail

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Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
How does this compare to Boxy @thomas_101 ?
Thanasis@tnsrig · UI/UX @EU_Commission
@bentossell Nice question!
@bentossell For one thing, it's free.
Curtis Herbert@parrots · Developer and Designer
@vagelim @bentossell in my book that's a bad thing, less chance it'll stick around. Tired of email clients disappearing after I start to love them.
Folke LemaitreHunter@folke · CEO, Engagor
@bentossell It's free and is faster than Boxy on my laptop. Not sure what Boxy is using to render html, but it's for sure a different engine than WMail. WMail is more like how you would get Inbox on Chrome I guess.
Veronica Belmont@veronica · Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Disco)
@parrots @bentossell And Calendar apps :-/
Myke J@mykecheckonetwo
Where can I go to report on bugs, etc.?
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@mykecheckonetwo I'll second that. Not working for me. Tried an Inbox account and a Google Apps account. just returns to the add account page after authentication.
Thomas BeverleyMaker@thomas_101 · Co-Founder & Software Dev, Stacktodo
@mykecheckonetwo you can open an issue here https://github.com/Thomas101/wma... and I'll see what I can do :)
Thomas BeverleyMaker@thomas_101 · Co-Founder & Software Dev, Stacktodo
@frassmith @mykecheckonetwo someone else has reported this too, can you add to the issue on github (https://github.com/Thomas101/wma...) with some more information about your apps account and I'll see if I can find out what's happening. Thanks!
Thomas BeverleyMaker@thomas_101 · Co-Founder & Software Dev, Stacktodo
@mykecheckonetwo I think this issue has been resolved in the latest version available here (https://github.com/Thomas101/wma...)
Shelby DeNike@sdenike · sd3labs
Nice! The UI layout looks a lot like Tweetbot
Paul Gosnell@paulgosnell · Founder @fitlinkapp @fitlinkbusiness
Love this. Works perfectly and I've stopped using Chrome profiles to switch between accounts! Feature request: I try and do most things in browser but use a few apps like Twitter, Slack, Skype and now Wmail. I now have multiple apps open (which is fine) but consolidating them into on app interface would be cool. So in Wmail, could additional accounts be added which aren't email clients. So stuff like Skype for Web, Slack for Web, Twitter, etc etc... be included so tapping through the avatars on the left would go through inbox's and other apps? Just a thought and would mean, from a look and feel PoV, that all apps are consolidated into one interface. Probably performance issues there but thought I'd ask...Possible / feasible?
Thomas BeverleyMaker@thomas_101 · Co-Founder & Software Dev, Stacktodo
@paulgosnell Hi Paul, a few people have been asking for this and it's something I'm planning on adding. Originally it was just more mail providers, but the I've already got some requests for whatsapp and slack, so the more merrier! In terms of performance, under the hood it uses chrome so performance would be similar to having multiple chrome windows open :)
Paul Gosnell@paulgosnell · Founder @fitlinkapp @fitlinkbusiness
@thomas_101 can't wait to see this additional support for other services! Feels like a new product altogether, plus name :) Keep us posted.
Yiğit Konur@yigitkonur · Founder @zeoagency
@thomas_101 @paulgosnell That would be awesome! I still use Franz, it is great but taking all things together is better.
Simon DingleHiring@simondingle
This has been rebranded as Wavebox afaik. Just downloaded the latest version to test. So far, so good. I have Inbox on two accounts, Slack, Todoist and WhatsApp all together with minimal memory overhead. Certainly seems far less draining on my battery than Chrome was.