Beautiful mobile wallpapers made from satellite imagery

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Ultimate wallpaper app ever. I've never used any other, though :)
Gotta love a good wallpaper. I use Psiu Puxa on my MacBook which also has images of Space πŸŒŽπŸŒŸπŸš€ I do use WLPPR on my πŸ“± though... @sergeyminkin perhaps you can give a little background (😏) and let us know why you decided to create a standalone app?
@bentossell we have web-page too, but it's uncomfortable to use it for mobile. In app you can collect favourite images and always have updates. We will make Android app too, soon.
@sergeyminkin Yeah I used the web-page to get my initial WLPPR. FWIW it is this one:
@bentossell and we will create special Mars collection for desktops on the next week )
These are stunning for the lock screen but not all of them are suitable for home screen. It would be awesome to be able to preview that before download.
@xuki we will add this feature in update
Well made. Design looks good. In terms of Sergey's, @sergeyminkin, position, it isn't a big surprise. I would say you should add (or rename the button, etc.) a description to the second paid option "Access all for..." I was confused at the first time, and my thoughts emerged one after another. What would I get for $0.99? I assume, I could get an access to the whole collection. Ok. What would I get for $3.99? The same? Hmm.. I have to think about it... Perhaps, they differ in time frames available for downloads. I noticed something related with time on the launch screen... Bingo! // maybe not? :) All in all, if you clarify options, it could help users to make a decision. However, it's just my opinion. Good luck! P.S. Yandex's shares are soaring today. Undoubtedly, this fact is related with the launch of WLPPR :)
@s10_vc Thanks for feedback. It was very hard for us to decide how to name this button. This option unlock you all current collections and all future collections. It's like ultimate unlock forever )
These are beautiful, thank you for sharing.