A home inventory app to record, search and locate items fast

Users can customize their floor plan based on their house, add a digital AR sticker to know exact location of the item, and share information with friends, family and roommates. Create unlimited tags to know what is in the storage location recorded.
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Hi everyone, this is a product I came up with along with my husband. With no prior experience, it took us months to research, develop, liaise and learn how to come up with WIZT. It was our dream to come up with products to help users our there save time. I hope you will like it and let us know your feedbacks :)
Also, we are grateful to be on Venturebeat, https://venturebeat.com/2019/04/...
Do check out https://indiehackers.com/product... if you want to see our journey :)
Just wondering do you use this at home? .....And have you gotten your kids on board?
@leslie_heller hi, yes! We do use it at home especially for seasonal items that we do not use often. That is also one of the reasons why we developed WIZT, as a fast way to keep track of our items. Unfortunately we do not have kids, but we have developed WIZT to be simple so it can be a learning tool for children to organise their stuff :)
The idea itself sounds so great.
@vijay_srivastava thank you! I hope you would be able to test it out and let us know your feedback!